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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Squash blossom fritters (kumro phool bhaja)

  1. Cut the stem of the flowers. Wash and drain. (Dad says it is best to clean them with a wet cloth. I am finicky. I wash my mushrooms too. Mom suggested inserting one flower inside another before dipping in batter to make fritters of a convenient thickness.)
  2. Make a batter with 1/2 cup besan (chickpea flour), 1/4 cup rice powder (I ground some rice in a coffee grinder- the 3 secs' worth of effort is for extra crispiness), salt, turmeric, kalo jeere (nigella seeds), sugar (optional).
  3. Coat the flowers and fry in cooking oil. Some like it deep-fried, some use a non-stick with only a little oil and fry them on both sides. (You can also stuff them with ricotta and then bake them).
  4. Remember to drain extra oil in paper towel. Serve as fritters with chaat masala or with masoor daal and rice as starters to a meal. I also made lau-moong and fish for Sunday lunch.

I got a tip from Sampa Di that these taste good with ground masoor (red lentil) batter too.

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