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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pomfret tandoori

Whole, cleaned Pomfret fish - make shallow cuts on both sides
Lemon juice- enough to coat all the sides ( about half lemon for 2 medium sized fish)
1 tspn red chilli powder
salt and turmeric
1 tsp cumin seeds, coriander seeds, ajwan and methi seeds each- freshly ground to powder
1 1/2 tsp or less ginger- garlic paste
2 tsp yogurt

  1. Clean the fish well and dab and excess water with paper towel.
  2. Rub all the ingredients in that order and you can keep it to marinate for about 30 mins or overnight.
  3. Use a tandoor oven if you have one. I bake it  in Aluminium foil or a covered baking tray at 350 F in my convection oven for about 30 -45 mins. You can broil it at the end to give a charred look.
  4. Serve with freshly chopped cilantro, mint sauce or other favorite condiments. Those who can eat raw onions can make onion rings or add some some salad with it
Usually served as appetizers, you may also try the recipe with Salmon pieces.

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