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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The essential Asian greens

I love bok choy with roast duck, and bit of greens/fiber with any fatty food.

Here is a recipe for Choy sum with oyster sauce, though you can not go wrong with a basic sauté with minced garlic and nigella seeds (Kalonji) either. Just remember to wash them thoroughly before cooking. (I prepared methi-begun (eggplant) recently, with a dash of kasundi (Bengali mustard sauce) while serving)

My local Asian grocery provides a plethora of options, and I will add to this post as I discover new ways of eating my greens.

Wonton soup with gai lan (Chinese Broccoli)
How I did it for a midnight craving:

  1. Boil chicken stock in a soup saucepan (or anything deep), add pre-made wontons/gyoza.
  2. Wash the green thoroughly, chop or tear with hands. Add in the saucepan just over the stock when the wontons are almost done.
  3. Add soy sauce and a little butter/sesame oil/chili oil on the leaves.  Toss well. The leaves will wilt further in the hot soup, so you can stop the heat.  Eat warm. Add pepper if you want. 
  4. You can add sugar snap peas, sliced carrots, bok choy, and any leftover meat too. 
Day 1 (Gyoza and gai lan)

Day 2 (1+ Carrots, snow peas and bok choy)

Day 3 (1+ Maggi Masala/curry powder with noodles)

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