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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mini Malpoa

It is Poush Sankranti, and I heaved a sigh licking my mouth around delectable memories of peethe-pulis I had as a child.  When the craving got really bad, I got up after I had dinner and decided to make some mini malpoas instead of feeling sad.

I mixed 4 parts Maida, 2 parts Sooji, 1 part Mawa, Sugar to taste and evaporated milk for the batter. I used measuring spoons, if you use cups, then 2: 1: 1/2 parts (same thing).

I fried lightly in clarified butter (ghee) and drained them in paper towels. Very difficult to stop, but I reined in after I had 5. I skipped the sugar syrup because I prefer them crispy. If you want, you can make sugar syrup with cardamom/ saffron and dip the poas for a while.

With a little modification you can make kolar bora out of it by adding mashed bananas to the batter, Honestly, I liked eating the batter raw as it tasted a lot like shinni. Nowadays I am having the weirdest food cravings.

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