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Monday, February 25, 2013

Egg Biryani

  1. Boil eggs in water. (on low heat, I discovered that hard boiled doesn't necessarily mean on high heat). I used 4 eggs for my required number of servings. Pour cold water, remove shells. Cut in half.
  2. Finely slice onions. Fry in 1 -2 tsp ghee, with whole cardamom(4 green, 2 black), 1 cinnamon stick, 2 bay leaves torn in halves, about 4-5 cloves and peppercorns. Add your preferred ready-made biryani powder to the mix and a little salt.  You can add two slit green chilies here.
  3. When the onions are about done, place the eggs, albumin side down and continue frying in  low heat. Turn once and remove the eggs. (Or else the eggs might break. Doesn't look good)
  4. I use parboiled or pre-cooked rice . Add in installments while you stir well. 
  5. When the rice is about cooked, add the eggs again. Sprinkle garam masala (preferably made at home) and cilantro leaves. 
  6. Pair it with raita. I enjoyed it with mixed vegetables. You may also  prepare a meat dish to go with it.

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