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Friday, March 1, 2013

Fish in Tomato Onion sauce

  1. Like any other Bengali fish preparation, we'll begin by cleaning the fish, patting it dry and then rubbing salt and turmeric while we heat cooking oil in wok. (I prefer Olive oil for mild-tasting fish, though some may consider it a sacrilege to use that in a Bengali recipe. Go with what your heart says) Shallow fry the fish, set aside. (Use paper towels to drain excess oil if you want)
  2. Thinly slice onions about 1 and a half medium sized ones should be good for 2 to 4 people(about 4-6 steaks of fish).
  3. Quarter tomatoes, dice ginger, mince garlic(if you feel the fish has a smell you wouldn't like. Traditional Bengali seldom use garlic), slit about 2-3 green chilies  If you like to use dry roasted cumin-coriander powder, it is a good time to check/replenish your stock. I like to add Radhuni brand Fish Masala to this recipe too. (Sometimes, I vary by using a combination of ground cumin-fennel seeds-fenugreek seeds)
  4. Fry the ingredients, until oil separates. Add a little salt. Add back the shallow fried fish steaks. 
  5. Cook covered on low heat. Sprinkle with freshly chopped cilantro/coriander leaves. Enjoy with steamed rice.

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