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Friday, February 3, 2012

Leafy greens

When I was a kid, my mom always urged me to eat all my greens, insisting it was good for my eyes. I can't say I appreciated them much then. But the local Asian market in the vicinity of my current residence provides a lot of interesting options. In fact, a whole aisle is dedicated to bok choy and the likes. Spinach is a permanent member of my grocery selection. Here are some options you can try, if you want to include more leafy greens in your diet.

Pea greens sauteed with minced garlic, red chilies ( Kalonji optional ), and green peas. And soft cream cheese if you must . Or go Asian style with soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce

Leafy greens like spinach or snow pea leaves
Minced garlic anout5-6 cloves
Kalonji, a pinch
Dry red chilies, 2-3 broken in halves
Green peas, less than you think- the leaves will wilt in heat and reduce in quantity.
Soft cheese of your choice, or Feta

  1. Wash the leaves well under running water. I use a colander to strain the water.
  2. Tear them with your hands. You may  use a knife to chop.
  3. (Optional)Boil water and cook the greens till tender.
  4. Heat oil in a wok/frying pan. Add kalonji, minced garlic. Take care not to brown the garlic, as it will turn bitter.
  5. Add the leaves. The water from the levaes will prevent the garlic from drying up. No extra water in needed.
  6. Add green peas. Stir well till done. Break and add dry green chilies
  7. You may add cream cheese if you prefer. Feta goes well too.

You can make spinach purse or Indian samosa (similar to Greek Spanakopita or Turkish Borek) filing similarly. or on portobello caps as sides with a nice steak.

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