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Thursday, August 9, 2012


1. Cilantro Mojito
Cilantro + lime juice + sugar + white rum + club soda.
Ok, here you are:
  1. In a food processor, add fresh cilantro leaves and grate well. (You can add kiwi fruits or mint leaves as a variation). Sticklers for accuracy should just bruise the leaves to release the essential oils.
  2. Add half a lime juice(or to taste), sugar (traditionally sugar cane juice), the cilantro paste, white rum (I used BACARDI Limón) . Give a stir. Add club soda proportionally. Serve with ice or chill the soda before you make the drink.
Traditional mojito with bruised mint leaves
2. Fire Breathing Dragon
Mango +passion fruit+vodka+jalapeno
Recipe link 1

3. (Creamy) Rum Liqueur
condensed milk + (cream)+ milk+ rum+ 2 tbsps chocolate syrup+ 2 tsps coffee

4. Kahlua
coffee+ sugar+ water +vodka+vanilla

5. Pomegranate Passion

Rum+Italian pomegranate soda+lime juice
Mango Mojito

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  1. Seems so yumm!! More utter nincompoops like me...plz plz plz publish the step by step! Plannin 2 mk it dis wknd!