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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vegetables with squash greens

I have been meaning to make this for a while, but something else in the pantry runs into my arms to get cooked first. You can add lentil fritters (daler bora) or vadi. I wanted to make the vadi first, and hence the delay. You can also use store-bought substitutes.

Vadi preparation: 
  1. Wash Urad dal, soak overnight. Remove excess water and grind in a food processor with salt.(I use Magic Bullet). Add Nigella seeds when the paste is done.
  2. Pat oil on a plate and make desired shapes out of the dal paste. Smaller sized ones dry faster but bigger ones are easier to break on drying, if you prefer crumbled vadis.
  3. Dry it in the sun for a day or two, then store in an airtight container
Squash greens (Got it from Mountain View Farmers' Market)
Pumpkin or Acorn squash
Nigella seeds
Mustard oil

  1. Clean and cut the vegetables into small sizes. 
  2. Dry roast the vadis. Keep aside.
  3. Heat mustard oil in a kadhai/wok, add Nigella seeds. Add the potatoes, squash greens and radish first, the softer vegetables like pumpkin later. (You may use eggplant too)
  4. Warm a bowl of water in microwave, add it to the vegetables. Simmer till done.
  5. When they are about done, you may add mustard powder (I use a coffee grinder to grind mustard seeds), slit green chilies.

    My mom uses the squash stalk (kumro'r data), potatoes and vadis  to make fish broth in winter. You just have to add fried fish steaks/fillets

    You may also use Bok Choy for this recipe [Bong Mom's Cookbook].

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