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Friday, March 29, 2013

Chicken Shawarma

  1. Cut boneless chicken breasts in to bite-sized pieces and marinate in vinegar overnight.(Can add step 3 in the marinade too)
  2. Prepare the tahini: toast sesame seeds on pan (do not brown). Put in coffee grinder and grind to powder. Add olive oil in a bowl and mix. Set aside
  3. Heat crushed garlic,salt, pepper and spices (like cardamom pods, allspice) or shawarma mix to the chicken and cook until soft in a wok. (Assuming you don't have a vertical spit to grill it for a day)
  4. Add bell pepper , onions and tomatoes.(I like them lightly fried) 
  5. (You can shred the chicken if you want)
  6. Place a tortilla or pita(heat both sides if you want), fill with the chicken and tahini sauce. You can add sliced  cucumbers and/or pickles.
  7. Serve with hummus and salad greens.

I used this seasoning


  1. Did I tell you, I showed this recipe to Chitrang cos Shawarmas are his favorite. He found the seasoning and its the only dish he makes now :)

  2. you r soooo.... so very serious about cooking dear......... this is reaaaalllllly impressing me now..... keep it up... niceeeeee