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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jibe goja (Baked)

I abhor most store-bought sweets and pastries, they are too sugary for my palate. SG loves to gorge on them though. When I made the blueberry pie, he bit into the short crust and said,'It's like jibe goja.' So, I decided to try an experiment : Baked jibe goja using pie crust. (It comes pre-rolled too!) The only caveat is- you have to pay attention the first time to see how well the dough cooks. I found it is optimum at 300 F for 20 mins.

  1. Traditional: Roll all purpose flour with water and ghee/butter into a soft dough. Using a rolling pin, make sheets of dough of even thickness and slash the dough with a knife. Leave about 1 cm in the top and botton and twist it into Elo-jheloAlternatively, you may use a pre-made pie crust dough and cut into equal sizes. This will look like concentric circles.
  2. Bake them at 300 F for 20 mins.
  3. For syrup: Boil a little water , add saffron strands and sugar.
  4. Pour the syrup on the dough in a flat dish and allow the syrup to set in.
  5. You may add crushed pistachios for decoration. You may also fill the dough with nut paste for a richer sweet.

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